temporary anchorage devices

What are TADs?

TADs (temporary anchorage devices) are small, screw-like dental implants made from a titanium alloy. They are used in certain orthodontic cases as an alternative to headgear or in addition to traditional braces. TADs are installed to become the anchor point for the necessary pushing or pulling force needed to achieve the desired orthodontic outcome. One big advantage to TADs is they may shorten the treatment time and eliminate the need to wear elastic bands. For being such a small device, it can make a really big impact in patient’s orthodontic treatments.

How Are TADs Installed?

TADs, like dental implants, will need to be placed into the jaw bone. The procedure for placing TADs is quick and cause minimal discomfort. We will first inject the treatment area with a strong anesthetic to ensure it is numbed before the procedure starts. Once the area is numbed we will then gently insert the TAD into your jaw bone, which may cause a feeling of light pressure. After the procedure, you may feel minor discomfort, but it should subside within a day. Once your treatment is complete, or the TAD is no longer needed, it will be removed via a quick and painless procedure that does not require any further anesthesia.

How Do I Care For TADs?

Once your TADs are placed they will require minimal upkeep. For cleaning it is recommended to brush the area three times daily with the antimicrobial rinse, given to you during your appointment, with a soft-bristled toothbrush. It’s advised to clean them during the same time you are cleaning your braces to help ensure you don’t skip a cleaning.

While not every patient will need TADs, they offer numerous benefits for those patients whose treatment plan calls for them. Please contact our office to learn more and to see if you would be a good candidate!

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