iTero® Digital Impression System

iTero® Digital Impression System


Digital Impression System

Many patients do not enjoy getting impressions taken of their teeth due to the discomfort, gagging, and goop associated with the procedure. At Hadavand Orthodontics, we strive to utilize the latest dental technology available; including the iTero dental scanner.

What is the iTero Digital Impression System?

This scanner allows our orthodontists to capture accurate impressions of your jaw and teeth digitally. We can use this 3D rendering of your jaw to examine it from all different angles, and during your consultation, we can show you the trouble areas and exactly what your treatment will entail.  By introducing this technology into our practice, we can eliminate the need for taking impressions using a tray and putty.

How Does iTero Work?

The iTero scanner captures your teeth and gum structures using a small hand-held wand. Using a radiation-free laser light we will scan your entire mouth within three minutes. Our computer screen will update with the images as the scan is taking place, and then once finished a perfect digital 3D impression of your teeth and gum structures will be saved in our system. By having these impressions digitally our patients no longer must worry about their impressions breaking or being misplaced.

What Are Digital Impressions Used For?

These digital impressions can be used for any orthodontic treatments and can help create a targeted treatment plan. When using iTero digital impressions for Invisalign, we can send these over electronically and get your aligners quicker; your aligners will also fit better allowing for a concise treatment.

Interested in learning more about our iTero digital impression system? Contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

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