Metal Braces

Metal Braces



At Hadavand Orthodontics we offer various options to help patients straighten their teeth to achieve a confident smile. One of the most common orthodontic treatments offered at our McKinney TX dental office is metal braces.

What Are Metal Braces?

Many of our patients choose metal braces to help them achieve the smile they are looking for. Today, metal braces are smaller and flatter helping them to be comfortable and cause less irritation in the mouth. Traditional, or metal, braces are more effective for treating patients with severe malocclusions. 

How Are Metal Braces Installed?

Metal braces are comprised of three separate parts, fabricated from either stainless steel or titanium. First brackets are adhered to the front of each tooth using a special adhesive. Next, a wire is guided through each bracket and is used to apply a slight amount of pressure to help guide the teeth into their proper place. Lastly, rubber bands, or ligature elastic, are put on each bracket to hold the wire in place. These rubber bands come in a variety of colors, allowing for our patients to express themselves by choosing the colors that represent them best.

What Happens During Appointments?

During your appointments, our highly trained orthodontist team will tighten the archwires slightly to maintain the proper pressure needed to guide your teeth. It’s possible to experience discomfort after tightening the wires; please speak with our associates on ways to ease this discomfort. It is also common to feel as if your teeth are a little loose; don’t worry this is a normal sensation associated with braces and will go away once treatment is completed.

Please contact our office to schedule your consultation, and learn about which orthodontic treatment is ideal for you!

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